Green Sapphire Rings

Green Sapphire Rings

There’s a new mood in nature inspired jewellery design, and that comes from dazzling green sapphire stone rings. You may be under the illusion that sapphires only come in shades of blue, but that is not the case at all.
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9 products


9 products

Green with Envy for Green Sapphire Rings

Sapphires can come in a range of different colours including pink, orange, and green! These are underappreciated stones with a beauty all their own. Better still, the look of a green sapphire ring is totally transformed depending on the type of gold you pair with it. Paired with white gold or rose gold, the Green Sapphire looks just as alluring. Yellow gold and green have long been signs of nobility and high breeding. As you can tell, we are in a love affair with this unsung beauty.

Why Choose a Green Sapphire Ring?

Green sapphires punch far above their weight in the gem world. Although they are not quite as hard as diamonds, they are only a step behind. These sapphires are formed with a green hue due to the presence of iron, which makes them among the strongest, hardest sapphires around. In contrast, emeralds are far more fragile, ranking below sapphires and diamonds. In terms of the hue, emeralds tend to offer a richer type of colour, but this might not be to everyone’s taste. Emeralds are also far rarer than sapphires meaning that the price is inflated, and the quality of the gem might not be what you expect due to naturally occurring ‘inclusions’. To get a similar look to an emerald, but in a more durable, more affordable gemstone, green sapphires are a good choice.

Green sapphires look great, particularly on redheads. The beautiful complement of fiery red hair and cool green has long been feted. Green sapphires set in rose gold is a winning combination for any titian haired lady. They also look fantastic on cool and warm blondes and brunettes, although we might suggest a green sapphire and diamond ring to really make the stone’s colour pop. 

Symbolism of Green Sapphire Rings

Green has often been associated with rather negative emotions such as envy. This is one reason why some ladies are put off buying a ring with green gems. However, green is the colour of nature, and green sapphires offer up an array of subtle hues, making them a delightfully understated choice. Green, in fact, has a great deal of positive meaning too. Calmness, freshness, and prosperity are all associated with the colour green, as is youth and progress. What better foundation for a marriage do you need? 

We make all our jewellery to order and bespoke to the client. We work from our design studio in Perth, emphasizing craftsmanship rather than mass production. Each of our green sapphire rings will be unique due to the individual hues in each gemstone. If you are looking for sapphire rings in Australia, or from anywhere in the world, we would be delighted to craft a beautiful timeless engagement ring or wedding ring just for you. 

View our spectacular showcase of designs, where each style tells a beautiful story about the woman who wears it. View our collection now and write your own life story.
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